धन्यं यश्स्यमायुष्यं श्रीमद् व्यसनसूदनं । हर्षणं काम्यमोज्स्यं रत्नाभरणधारणं ।। ग्रहद्वष्टिहरं पुष्टिकरं दुःखप्रणाशनं । पापदौर्भाग्यशमनं रत्नाभरणधारणं ।।

Surya Arghya Method and Benefit

By: Mayankesh Sharma
Mayas Astrology

सूर्य आत्मा जगतस्तस्थुषश्च॥ ("surya ātma jagatastasthusasca")  

Meaning: The sun is the soul of all that is dynamic and static (Atharva Veda 13.2.35).  This stotram contains a beautiful praise of Lord Surya, describing him as the cause of the creation, sustenance and eventual dissolution of this earth.

Sun in Indian (Vedic) astrology representing the Soul, Will-power, Eyes, leadership, King and persons of high authority, Health, Social Status, Father, Political Career, Ancestral Properties, Influential Family and Fame.

Sunday is dedicated to Surya and it is considered auspicious to offer arghya to Surya  at least every Sunday. However, arghya should be given to Surya dev every day during its Antardasha / Mahadasha.

Method/VidhiEvery day in the morning during sunrise time (Ideally within one hour from sunrise), take water in copper utensil / Kalash & add red roli or red sandalwood paste,  rice, gud (jaggery) and red flower petals.

Face Sun and If Sun is not visible, your face should be in East direction assuming the Sun is there.

Place the utensil above your head and start pouring the water slowly (preferably into a river or into flowerpot / plant and water should not touch your feet).

Look into the rays of Sun through the water streaming from the vessel.

Chant following mantra 7 times while pouring water.

Surya Beej Mantra:  ॐ घृणि: सूर्याय नम: ।    “Om Ghrinih Suryaye Namaha"

Now touch the spilled water with your right hand and bring wet fingers to your forehead, eyes, throat. Touching this water to your body parts will stimulate body’s energy points.


Yoga: Sun rays and heat represents human's vital energy and seven horses represent the Seven Chakras of our body. Looking through that stream of flowing water, over the edge of the container, the dispersed seven colour rays or light touches your body and balances the seven types of energy within the body. When all 7 chakras are charged up, you naturally tend to live positively.

Modern science and benefit of morning Sun rays: Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) from sunlight is a main source of vitamin D. Sunlight contains two types of UVR: ultraviolet A (UVA),  and ultraviolet B (UVB)- mainly available in morning. UVA and UVB both cause tanning, but only UVB leads to vitamin D production. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a vital role in human health. It improves bone health and reduces the risk of chronic diseases, including: autoimmune diseases, type 2 diabetes &heart disease. thus, no doubt that Surya Arghya and Sun worship will help your body’s absorption of Vitamin D and Calcium. This ritual strengthens the eyesight also.


We conclude this blog with Aditya Hrudayam Stotram- Shloks (7-1.)  "सर्वदेवात्मको ह्येष तेजस्वी रश्मिभावनः:"   भगवान सूर्य ब्रह्माण्ड के सभी देवताओ के स्वरुप हैं, ये तेज़ की राशि है एवं इनकी किरणों से किरणों से पुरे ब्रह्माण्ड को सत्ता एवं स्फूर्ति प्रदान होती है ।