धन्यं यश्स्यमायुष्यं श्रीमद् व्यसनसूदनं । हर्षणं काम्यमोज्स्यं रत्नाभरणधारणं ।। ग्रहद्वष्टिहरं पुष्टिकरं दुःखप्रणाशनं । पापदौर्भाग्यशमनं रत्नाभरणधारणं ।।

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This consultation is especially design for the short question and answer session to save your money and time. You can ask any question of your choice.  Astrologer Mayankesh analyse your birth-chart and give answer to your question with Vedic astrology remedies.
Generally we give around 10 minutes for One question.
All the Mantra, Numerical Yantra etc. advised to you during consultation will be send via Whatsapp / E-mail also.

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2 Questions , Fee : 899

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