धन्यं यश्स्यमायुष्यं श्रीमद् व्यसनसूदनं । हर्षणं काम्यमोज्स्यं रत्नाभरणधारणं ।। ग्रहद्वष्टिहरं पुष्टिकरं दुःखप्रणाशनं । पापदौर्भाग्यशमनं रत्नाभरणधारणं ।।

Career & Business

A Detailed analysis on roles of Planets, Rashis, Tatwas & Houses in your career before the consultation starts. Educational Counselling, detailed discussion on Best Suitable Career, Business or Service, Other Earning Source in life, The First Job or Job Change, Periods of Rise & Promotion, Foreign settlement, Job Environmental Issues and Distress. Best Vedic Remedies for Growth & Job Satisfaction.


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