धन्यं यश्स्यमायुष्यं श्रीमद् व्यसनसूदनं । हर्षणं काम्यमोज्स्यं रत्नाभरणधारणं ।। ग्रहद्वष्टिहरं पुष्टिकरं दुःखप्रणाशनं । पापदौर्भाग्यशमनं रत्नाभरणधारणं ।।

Face - To - Face

If you want Face - to Face or in-person consultation with Mayankesh, book a session as per your requirement. 
In case of online consultation you will get live analysis on live screen via Zoom App. you will also get Video-Audio recording in case of online consultation.

A complete & in-depth birth chart analysis before consultation starts. Followed by 60 / 120 minutes interactive session with Astrologer Mayankesh. An “all in one consultation” that includes detailed discussion on all the aspects of your life like: Education + Career & Business + Love & Marriage + Health + Finance & Property + GemStone Recommendation + Vedic Remedies. All the remedies, mantras, yantras etc. advised to you will also be sent to you via Whatsapp or Email. Follow-up session within a week to review remedies or pronunciation of mantra.

Mayas Astrology

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120 Minutes Session , Fee : 4999

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